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15 Validity of document probably missing Cancelled Normal Change Request 2021-02-15 16:23:44
Change Request Validity of document probably missing
Id cdachemed-issue-15
Status Cancelled
Priority Normal
Last Tracking 2021-02-15 16:23:44  by  Quentin Ligier
Medication Treatment Plan document (chdachpharm-template-document-7)
Template 2.16.756. (2017-04-12 13:57:31) Medication Treatment Plan document
Status Draft
Tracking Cancelled 2021-02-15 16:23:44 : Tracking by Quentin Ligier
After discussion with Stéphane, it doesn't really make sense to have a document validity in an MTP document. The PRE section should not apply in the MTP specification (hence the "not applicable"), so this issue can be closed.
Tracking In Progress 2021-02-12 10:42:03 : Tracking by Annatina Foppa
Oliver thinks as well that it makes no sense for MTP since it is just the planning and not a prescription ( Was denkst du, macht dieser Abschnitt bei MTP auch Sinn? -- Nein ich denke nicht, weil das ja die Planung ist und nicht eine Verschreibung. Auch ist es im MTP Dokument nicht erwähnt:  ) -- curious about Stéphane's assessment
Tracking In Progress 2021-02-11 13:48:20 : Tracking by Annatina Foppa
I understand your point of view from the IHE perspective (although "non applicable" could also mean that it is not applicable for this use case rather than to take the information from PRE), but I am not sure if it makes sense from the healthcare perspective to have a madatory element to specify the validity period of a Treatment plan ... maybe this needs some more inquiries.
BTW, what do you mean by "multiple" and "single"? -- both types of  hl7:documentationOf  appear only once in the Medication Prescription document. cu soon 

Tracking Open 2020-08-04 21:59:13 : Tracking by Quentin Ligier

In the Medication Prescription document, there is a single hl7:documentationOf that is described as "Validity of document" besides the multiple hl7:documentationOf that are marked as "Information about a health service describing the context of this CDA document".

In this template (MTP), only the multiple hl7:documentationOf are present. The single one is probably missing.

I've discussed this with Stéphane and he thinks it should have been copied from PRE too.

In the MTP profile, one can read: "Most of the normative sections of the MTP Profile will therefore be identical to the corresponding ones in the PRE Profile" (p.7). Then, the section 6.3.2 CDA Header Content Modules is marked as "Section not applicable", so the PRE one should be followed. This element is described in section



Further explanation:


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