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275Change the Cardinality of the id and text elements according to the IHE PCCFeedback neededNormalChange Request2018-06-11 10:24:17Mathias Ghys
274Change cardinality of value elementOpenNormalChange Request2018-06-08 10:54:16Mathias Ghys
272restrict formCode CONF to epSOSPackage value set for asContent partOpenNormalChange Request2018-05-25 11:52:02Mathias Ghys
259No conformance set for ActiveIngredient substance nameOpenNormalChange Request2018-04-05 11:51:38Mathias Ghys
255country element in addr has to come from the epSOS country value set if availableFeedback neededNormalChange Request2018-01-11 16:53:34Mathias Ghys
253Adapt conformancy of family and given elements conform the EXPAND specificationsFeedback neededNormalChange Request2018-01-09 12:38:14Mathias Ghys
251telecom nullFlavor valueOpenNormalChange Request2018-01-08 11:52:44Christof Gessner
250telecom use codeOpenNormalChange Request2018-01-08 11:46:08Christof Gessner
248hl7:name cardinality must be changed from 0 ... 1 to 1 ... 1OpenNormalChange Request2017-12-18 10:50:39Mathias Ghys
247Missing elements in epSOS CDA substanceAdministration templateOpenHighChange Request2017-12-15 17:09:12Christof Gessner
242Fix duplicate OIDs in ART-DECOROpenNormalChange Request2017-11-29 12:39:09Christof Gessner
241inversionInd shall be trueIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-11-24 13:59:48Christof Gessner
240moodCode shall be INTIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-11-24 13:36:16Christof Gessner
239Modify effectiveTime element for Medical Device templateFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-11-23 20:51:26Mathias Ghys
238Create scenario for this templateOpenNormalChange Request2017-11-20 18:27:29Mathias Ghys
237Create scenario for this templateOpenNormalChange Request2017-11-20 18:27:02Mathias Ghys
236Relaxation of constraints for EntryAllergyAndIntolerance templateOpenNormalChange Request2017-11-03 11:18:21Christof Gessner
235hl7:assignedPerson contains twice the element hl7:nameIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-31 18:09:56Christof Gessner
233Value Set differs from original normative CDA SpecOpenNormalRequest for Information/Education2017-10-30 13:56:47Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
219Constraints for custodian organizationOpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 12:50:15Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
232participant duplication - see epsos-issue-231OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 12:07:07Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
231participant: duplication of levels OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 12:03:51Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
230custodian org, see epsos-issue-219OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:57:27Christof Gessner
229custodian org, see epsos-issue-219OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:57:11Christof Gessner
228custodian org, see epsos-issue-219OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:49:48Christof Gessner
227custodian org, see epsos-issue-219OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:44:51Christof Gessner
226fix cardinality of status codeIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:42:29Christof Gessner
225custodian org, see epsos-issue-219OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:37:19Christof Gessner
224fix cardinalityIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:25:08Christof Gessner
223fix cardinalityOpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:22:06Christof Gessner
222fix cardinalityIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:19:01Christof Gessner
221can not have more than one legalAuthenticatorIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:12:49Christof Gessner
220see epsos-issue-219OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 11:11:27Christof Gessner
218substanceAdministration maximum multiplicityIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-29 10:59:01Christof Gessner
217effectiveTime maximum multiplicityIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-29 10:29:16Christof Gessner
216text: maximum multiplicityIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-29 10:28:05Christof Gessner
215effectiveTime maximum multiplicity OpenNormalChange Request2017-10-29 10:25:38Christof Gessner
214Base Standard ValidationOpenNormalRequest for Information/Education2017-10-29 10:18:19Christof Gessner
212cardinality of manufacturedProductIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-28 00:34:51
210wrong cardinality of section/idIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-10-28 00:14:23Christof Gessner
209Constraint applied to relatedDocumentOpenLowestChange Request2017-10-27 17:42:06
206Define a specialized template for the agentOpenNormalChange Request2017-09-05 12:04:37
205id cardinalityOpenNormalChange Request2017-08-01 19:40:28Christof Gessner
64Assign an epSOS specific template IDOpenNormalChange Request2017-08-01 19:05:36Giorgio Cangioli
199doseQuantity: value set binding for unitsOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-27 20:46:38
197allow for multiple entriesOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-27 18:25:13
185Template is too specificFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-07-19 11:25:51Christof Gessner
167realmCodeOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:28:55Christof Gessner
168realmCodeOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:28:19Christof Gessner
165realmCodeOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:27:36Christof Gessner
166realmCodeOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:26:57Christof Gessner
164realmCodeOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:26:34Christof Gessner
170elements in addressOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:22:21Christof Gessner
171multiple instances of effectiveTimeOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:21:44Christof Gessner
184displayname and codesystem name are optionalOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:20:00Christof Gessner
180classCode is mandatoryOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:19:34Christof Gessner
187units in ingredient/quantityFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:19:06Christof Gessner
169classCode, determinerCodeFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-07-18 23:01:19Christof Gessner
183LOINC code for blood group observationOpenLowChange Request2017-07-18 22:55:45Marta Terrón Cuadrado
192revert to original IHE templateFeedback neededNormalChange Request2017-07-18 22:54:41Christof Gessner
188Dosing-specific templates do not appear in template ID listOpenLowChange Request2017-07-18 15:21:05Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
182change hl7:languageCode descriptionOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-14 12:20:15Marta Terrón Cuadrado
181observation classCode is mandatoryOpenNormalChange Request2017-07-14 12:19:00Marta Terrón Cuadrado
178No Entry?OpenNormalChange Request2017-06-30 11:26:04Libor Seidl
177Preferred Health Professional for emergency contact: change the classCode to ECONOpenNormalChange Request2017-06-13 12:04:11
176CDA Device : check value set binding with device.codeOpenNormalChange Request2017-06-12 17:44:51
175OID for Comment TemplateOpenNormalChange Request2017-06-08 13:01:07
174Allow serviceEvent/effectiveTime as interval or TS?OpenNormalChange Request2017-05-31 19:06:55Christof Gessner
156Assert not aligned with the error messageOpenLowChange Request2017-05-17 14:54:30
160Cardinality Contact/Preferred HP/Legal OrganizationIn ProgressNormalChange Request2017-05-17 14:53:57
163Check the binding with language VSOpenLowChange Request2017-05-17 14:53:29
150Fix participant role for agentsOpenHighestChange Request2017-05-17 14:49:33
121Name of Template Medicine & specialized templatesOpenNormalChange Request2017-05-17 13:55:00Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
137change oid of the template included for the organizerOpenNormalChange Request2017-05-17 13:53:02Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
134No devices exampleOpenNormalChange Request2016-07-13 16:59:10Giorgio Cangioli
Change RequestChange the Cardinality of the id and text elements according to the IHE PCC
StatusFeedback needed
Last Tracking2018-06-11 10:24:17  by  Mathias Ghys
Current AssigneeMathias Ghys
Current Labels
 (TBA) To be approved 
Allergies And Intolerances (
Template1. (2013-12-20) Allergies And Intolerances
TrackingFeedback needed2018-06-11 10:24:17: Tracking by Mathias Ghys
Dear Giorgio, thank you for your feedback. This is highly appreciated.

I always create tickets for the things I want to change where I don't feel 100% confident, and ask for feedback from the semantic experts. 
This is one of these cases. I changed the issue status to "Feedback needed" and Label "(TBA) To be approved".

If I understand it correctly, we make the following distinction:

  • specialization: we modify an existing template (in this case the IHE PCC template) and add some self-defined elements or we add some additional restrictions to existing elements (as been decided in previous project phases)
  • adaptation: we use an existing template as a base but add/modify elements so that the template is not following the rules of the original template anymore.
From the definition of the templateId: "Use of the templateId indicates that the CDA instance conforms to the constraints specified by each templateId referenced as well as to the standard CDA schema" (Principles of Health Interoperability)

As you mentioned, I also noticed the fact that in a lot of cases the templateId is specified, even when the template is not conform to the constraints specified by the referenced template.

I think there are 2 problems that have to be fixed:
  1. Some eHDSI reuse the exisiting OID from the IHE PCC templates. This is just wrong. The templates should receive eHDSI specific template IDs.
  2. In my opinion, no template IDs can be specified if the template is not a specialization of the template. The fact if a template is an adaptation/specialization is described in the description.
I don't see a problem in just removing the template IDs in the case of an adaptation, since validation won't fail the CDA document if the template ID is still mentioned, but in that case, at least the templates are correctly described. Another option is to just make them conform to the referenced templates, but I don't think this is the way to go, since in this case we are reverting changes that have been made in previous project phases (like the choice you mentioned where the choice of epSOS was not to impose that entries would be linked to the section text)

What do you think?
TrackingOpen2018-06-08 13:12:42: Tracking by Giorgio Cangioli
Giorgio's friendly suggestions: (a) evaluate carefully the reasons of the choices and do not just say align to xyz. (b) consider that there is still an unresolved problem with the template IDs in the current eHDSI specifications. There are several cases in which IHE PCC template IDs are used, even if the templates are not the IHE PCC templates and even not specialization of them. This is one of these cases.

One of the choice of epSOS was not to impose that entries would be linked to the section text. Because this linkage is not available in the 95% of the cases (at least at that time). This is instead required by the IHE PCC templates and this is the reason why you have entry.text 1..1 M for observations.  (I wonder if the fix should be text 0..1 R )
Similar considerations of the IDs.

In the 99% of the cases eHDSI templates are adaption and not specialization of  the IHE PCC. But this is wrongly reflected in the template ID used.

This is an old known problem that I have the impression that has not been yet resolved. This has implication in the validation of the templates (because you refer to templates you are not conformant to...)

I suggest to fix the real problem instead of attempting to by-pass it changing cardinalities.

Assignment2018-06-08 11:03:45: Assigned To Mathias Ghys by Mathias Ghys
TrackingOpen2018-06-08 11:03:44: Tracking by Mathias Ghys

This template is a subtype of the Problem Entry, and so must also confirm to the rules of the problem entry, which has the template identifier of This is an OID from the IHE PCC that is duplicated by an eHDSI template. But from the description, I understand that the templateId is referring to the IHE PCC Problem Entry. There the hl7:id and hl7:text are 1 … 1 M. Then I don't see why the hl7:id and hl7:text are 0 … * R and 1 … 1 R .


- Lets make this template compatible with the IHE PCC Problem template and change the cardinality and conformance

Further explanation:


PreviewCodeHTML colorDisplay NameDescription
TBATBATo be approved
To be discussed and approved
M1M1Milestone 1
Milestone 1 – before the EXPAND-athon 9-12 December 2015 Lisbon
M2M2Milestone 2
Milestone 2 – final results to be delived at the end of EXPAND
M3M3Milestone 3
Milestone 3 – end of the HL7 International Project
M4M4Milestone 4
Milestone 4 – for consideration in the future / desiderata
WJWJChanges Word/JIRA
Changes in the Word Specification/Open a JIRA issue
Template-ID changes throughout the specification