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274Change cardinality of value elementOpenNormalChange Request2018-06-08 10:54:16Mathias Ghys
Change RequestChange cardinality of value element
Last Tracking2018-06-08 10:54:16  by  Mathias Ghys
Current AssigneeMathias Ghys
Allergies And Intolerances (
Template1. (2013-12-20) Allergies And Intolerances


Assignment2018-06-08 10:54:16: Assigned To Mathias Ghys by Mathias Ghys
TrackingOpen2018-06-08 10:54:15: Tracking by Mathias Ghys

- We received a question from Heiko Zimmermann:
The "value" element, shouldn't it be with a cardinality 1..1 instead of 0..* ? as it is mentioned that it  shall  be given. Is a max "*" cardinality really useful in practice?

I had a look in the IHE PCC templates:

In this template the cardinality of the value element is 1 … *:

I don't know if these this template is something official we can rely on (I guess it's based on this pdf document: http://www.ihe.net/uploadedFiles/Documents/PCC/IHE_PCC_TF_Vol2.pdf  since the ART-DÉCOR references the paragraph in this document)?

From the pdf document: <value xsi:type='CD' code=' ' codeSystem=' ' codeSystemName=' ' displayName=' '>

The <value> is a description of the allergy or adverse reaction. While the value may be a coded or an uncoded string, the type is always a coded value (xsi:type='CD'). If coded, the code and codeSystem attributes must be present. The codingSystem should reference a controlled vocabulary describing allergies and adverse reactions, see Table 5.4 12 above. If uncoded, all attributes other than xsi:type='CD' must be absent. The allergy or intolerance may not be known, 5570 in which case that fact shall be recorded appropriately. This might occur in the case where a patient experiences an allergic reaction to an unknown substance.

In the pdf we don't have any indication about the cardinality.

BUT, if the IHE PCC has a minimum cardinality of 1 and our template has a minimum cardinality of 0, it means we are not compatible with the IHE PCC templates, since omitting the value will provide a valid document according to the ehDSI specifications, but will be an invalid document according to the IHE PCC templates.


- Change the cardinality from 0 ... * to 1 ... 1 or at least 0 ... 1

Further explanation:


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