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51Specialization of template ""OpenNormalChange Request2016-07-13 16:57:24Giorgio Cangioli
Change RequestSpecialization of template ""
Last Tracking2016-07-13 16:57:24  by  Giorgio Cangioli
Current AssigneeGiorgio Cangioli
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 (TID) Template ID 

TrackingOpen2016-07-13 16:57:24: Tracking by Giorgio Cangioli
TrackingOpen2016-04-04 15:48:51: Tracking by Dr. Kai U. Heitmann
Action: Spezialize template IHE PCC Patient Contacts: 
  • guardian and 
  • other contacts (@typeCode IND) and value set for assignedEntity.code with AGNT, CAREGIVER, ECON, NOK , PRS (bold ones for epSOS)
  • the preferred HCP or legal organization to be contacted (@typeCode IND) with assignedEntity.classCode PRS
Maybe 2 and 3 are ONE template specialization with a separate value set of ECON, NOK and PRS.
We need new template IDs for these specializations.
TrackingOpen2016-03-29 16:16:07: Tracking by Giorgio Cangioli
TrackingOpen2016-03-29 13:08:38: Tracking by Giorgio Cangioli
Issue renamed from "What is template "" to "Specialization of template ""

This is twofold problem one related to the need of specializing the IHE PCC template (one of two templates ?) ; the other is related if an update of the value set (if actually needed)
TrackingOpen2016-03-17 18:23:11: Tracking by Giorgio Cangioli
TrackingOpen2015-11-18 12:57:53: Tracking by Giorgio Cangioli
Description is the IHE PCC Patient Contacts template that applies both to guardian and patient contacts.

The third one represent the preferred HP to be contacted.

This template has been specialized : the OID have to be updated (as other).

to be considered that if we want to keep the same template for all of them the associatedEntity@classCode value set have to be updated (for the time being is limited to ECON and NOK).
otherwise a new OID sahll be used

Assignment2013-12-02 13:33:12: Assigned To Giorgio Cangioli by Alexander Henket
TrackingOpen2013-12-02 13:23:23: Tracking by Alexander Henket
In "epSOS_D3.9.1_Appendix_B1_B2_Implementation_v1.4_20110725.pdf" I can find references to template-id "" for the following paths:
- /ClinicalDocument/recordTarget/patientRole/patient/guardian
- /ClinicalDocument/participant/associatedEntity/associatedPerson (patient contact)
- /ClinicalDocument/participant[functionCode/@code="PCP" and functionCode/@codeSystem='2.16.840.1.113883.5.88'] (patient preferred HP)

They cannot all be true at the same time. Is this a copy/paste problem and what would be the correct values?
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