Roast the Deficit

The eXist database is integral part of the ART-DECOR® tool suite. Our API has recently speeded up by factor 10.

What is ART-DECOR in a nutshell?

What is ART-DECOR® in a Nutshell? ART-DECOR in four bullet points ART-DECOR is… ♦ TOOLING …an open-source open-source tool suite and collaboration platform that aims on interoperability solutions in healthcare …. ♦ TEAMWORK …supporting comprehensive collaboration of team members within and between governance groups… ♦ SHARING … featuring a cloud-based federated Building Block Repositories (BBR) […]

Happy 12 Year Anniversary ART-DECOR®

Happy 12 Year Anniversary ART-DECOR® ART-DECOR® is an open source tool suite that aims at interoperability solutions in the healthcare sector. This year October 1st, it’s ART-DECOR’s 12th birthday. Reason enough to take a short look back in history. The Early Years Back in 2008 was the beginning of the tool – in those times still […]