Tools in Symbiosis: ART-DECOR and IHE Gazelle ObjectChecker

The ART-DECOR Expert Group and IHE Europe recently signed an Memorandum of Understanding to establish and develop the collaboration between the two groups in order to jointly promote the adoption of respective and complementary open-source offerings and evolve them in a synergistic way.

The agreement applies specifically to the ART-DECOR Framework and the IHE Gazelle ObjectsChecker. The vision is to engage the broadest group of eHealth projects and vendors around the world to adopt and use the combination of the two tools in order

  • to facilitate the creation and consistent standardized documentation of CDA based specifications and
  • to support rigorous compliance validation and testing.

The overall goal is to provide these projects with easy-to-use efficient combined tooling that enhance the quality of their implementations and information exchange.

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For further information contact Dr Kai U Heitmann from the ART-DECOR Expert Group (info (at) and/or Eric Poiseau from IHE Europe (eric.poiseau (at)