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Building Block Repository (BBR)


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An ART-DECOR Building Block Repository (BBR) is primarily intended to be used in DECOR based specifications.

For example, to use or refer a template or a value set in a DECOR-based project, simply use @ref to link to the BBR artifact. In order to get a list of prototypes for template editing, a project must reference a prototype BBR (see below).

List of official Building Block Repositories

This is the list of official Building Block Repository Servers.

Server Description Host Link to main BBR list
art‑ Server hosts various international projects and repositories  ART-DECOR Expert Group ADEG, ART-DECOR OPEN TOOLS (ADOT) List Server hosts various Dutch projects and repositories Nictiz --follows--
art‑decor.ihe‑ Server hosts various IHE projects and repositories IHE Europe --follows--


For the simplest way to add a BBR reference in your project through the user interface, see Reference a building block repository.

To use an of define the following statement in your project part of your DECOR project

<buildingBlockRepository url="" ident="ad1bbr-"/>

RESTful services list

In order to act as a BBR the following RESTful services must be established

  • RetrieveValueSet
  • RetrieveTemplatePrototype
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