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This contains (more and more) the documentation of the DECOR XML format.

DECOR main parts

  • root element - Holds the namespace(s), schema definition and decor project attributes
  • project - Holds the generic project information including description, authors, copyright, version history
  • datasets - Holds all domain concepts that apply to the scenarios relevant to this project in one or more datasets
  • scenarios - Holds scenarios with (groups of) transactions that map to real world processes
  • ids - Holds designations/display names for identifiers
  • terminology - Holds code systems, value sets, and associations between dataset concepts and terminology
  • rules - Holds the rules (templates) for message/document elements and attributes, and associations between dataset concepts and message/document elements
  • issues - Holds any project related issues

DECOR publication

DECOR services

There are several services for retrieving the information stored in ART-DECOR in various formats: HTML for human consumption, XML and CSV for machine-consumption.

DECOR use cases

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