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DECOR (Data Elements, Codes, OIDs and Rules) is a methodology to capture the data needs of caregivers in terms of data sets and scenarios and use it to generate various artifacts: documentation, value sets, XML instance validation, generation and processing support, and test tools etc. DECOR allows to iteratively improve recorded data and link together input from various experts with different background knowledge like caregivers, terminologist, modelers, analysts and interface/communication specialists. DECOR mainly registers datasets, data types, allowable value ranges, identifications, codes, business rules with an underlying version management. The underlying data format is XML, and transformations with style sheets can be used for HTML and PDF-based documentation, consistency checks across all artefacts and to generate XML materials.

ART (Advanced Requirement Tooling) is the DECOR user interface to create and adapt DECOR files, and to generate artifacts from DECOR files. ART is based on the eXist XML database, XQuery and Orbeon XForms.

Healthcare Providers, Medical Experts and Researchers


Analysts, Modellers and Template Creators

Vendors and Interface Specialists

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