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The ART-DECOR Automatic Notifier System

What is it?

The ART-DECOR Automatic Notifier System informs authors of a DECOR project by means of a summarizing email about changes of issues in the project. ADANS will do periodic checks to test if there are notifications to be sent. If there are changes in one of the issues in the project, all authors (that have their notifier-setting on) will receive notifications for issues they are subscribed to. See ART Issues for more information on the subscription process.

Future releases also inform authors of a project about changes of value sets and templates.

Where is it used?

ADANS is currently used on our main hosting site and the Nictiz main hosting site

How can I configure it?

ADANS can be configured on the following levels:

  • you can switch it off project (default value is "on")
  • you can switch it on per user (default value is "off")

Steps to take to switch ADANS on/off per project

  • log in as decor-admin
  • go to Project/General tab
  • Select the dropbox on the top-level behind Notifier to set the ADANS notifier on/off per whole project (for all users in that project)

Screenshot for configuring ADANS on the project-level: En ADANS configure project.png

Steps to take to switch ADANS on/off per user

  • log in as author for project, or decor-admin
  • go to Project/Authors tab
  • Add/Remove the email address of yourself (author) or other users (decor-admin)
    In order to receive notifications, an email-address should be present for that user in the following format:
  • By default users subscribe to issue they created, and when they are assigned to it. The option Subscribe all issues with value on allows you to subscribe to updates for any issue. This is mostly useful for admin type authors, but the option is available to any author.

Screenshot for configuring ADANS on the user-level: En ADANS configure user.png

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