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ART Terminology Association Viewer


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Terminology Association Viewer

A terminology association defines the binding of dataset concepts to relevant terminology. Associations may be done at three levels:

  • An association with the concept itself, e.g. to use in HL7 V3 observation/code. This is normally a single code.
  • An association with a list of codeable concepts, e.g. to use in HL7 V3 observation/value. This is normally a value set
  • An association for individual concepts in a dataset concept list to bind the exact value set member. This is normally a single code

With the terminology association viewer ART provides a targeted overview of the bindings that were applied. Note that this very same info is integrated into the read only display of dataset concepts anywhere they appear. The terminology association viewer turns into the ART Terminology Association Editor when you are logged in as an editor of the project.

The screenshot shows associations at 2 levels. There's value set binding to AdministrativeGender (you can go right to the value set by clicking its name), and there are two individual bindings to value set members. Since the concept is itself has a direct representation in HL7 V3 as the administrativeGenderCode, there is no use case for a concept level binding.


Form parameters

The terminology association form, as most other forms, supports parametrization.

/decor-terminology--[prefix]?datasetId=[dataset id]&datasetEffectiveDate=[dataset effective date]&conceptId=[concept id]&conceptEffectiveDate=[concept effective date]&language=[ll-CC]
Parameter Description Since
prefix Project prefix always
datasetId Selects the project dataset with this id. Format: OID always
datasetEffectiveDate Selects the project dataset with this effectiveDate. Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss. art v1.5
conceptId Selects the dataset concept with this id in the selected transaction. Format: OID. Param only works if the param id points to a transaction that binds the dataset that contains this concept. always
conceptEffectiveDate Selects the dataset concept with this effective date in the selected transaction. Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss. Works only in combination with param conceptId art v1.5
language Displays contents in the requested language. When contents are not available in the requested language, there will be nothing to display. Example en-US, or nl-NL. art v1.8.51
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