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PDFs, Wikis and Implementations Guides


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The ART-DECOR Expert Group has decided to support the following output methods:

  • HTML,
  • PDF and
  • Wiki (Mediawiki).


The ART-DECOR Release and Archiving Manager (ADRAM) allows to publish an ART-DECOR live project, convert it to a set of HTML pages, publish them at a dedicated web location and by that "freeze" the specification. This is called a release and goes typically along release notes, a release label such as "v1.0" or "1.0.1" or "2nd draft" and an automatically assigned publisher (a project author) and date/time.

For further information see the documentation about creation of a new version / release / publication request and the DECOR publication format.


ART-DECOR has two methods to create PDFs out of the artefacts defined in a project.

The first method is to create a PDF with the collection of selected artefacts as part of the normal HTML publication process (see above).

If the conversion process should create PDF based documentation by default

  • datasets,
  • scenarios,
  • identifiers,
  • terminologies and
  • rules
  • issues

are included. The single sections can be deselected at publication request time.

The second method is through the Wiki approach. An ART-DECOR server can be configured to export Templates and Value Sets through the ADAWIB service to a Wiki (Mediawiki). The artefacts can be simply transcluded into the normal set-up of a wiki-based implementation guide with text and graphics etc. With that a complete implementation guide can be created and then converted to PDF.

This method uses Prince as the conversion mechanism as DECOR makes use of some special CSS features that are not correctly transformed by some CSS parsers.


DECOR value sets and templates can be exported into a wiki (Mediawiki) format and directly used in the respective wiki by transclusion. With that writing of implementation guides that incorporates ART-DECOR rendering of value sets and templates is easily possible.

The export is managed on an ART-DECOR server with an ADAWIB service.

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