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Release 1.4


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Version 1.4

Date: 2015-04-22


This release adds new support for Governance Groups. Furthermore features in a number of key areas such as datasets, scenarios, templates and terminology have been improved.

New features

  • Support for Governance Groups, read more in Dealing with Governance Groups
  • Filter support for inactive concepts in dataset view
  • Import a connected value set in a dataset to allow adding custom names and descriptions
  • View a connected value set in a dataset without leaving the page
  • Projects may now be marked experimental
  • Introduction of Server ids, read more in ART_maintenance_manual


  • Performance improvements in various areas like searching, viewing, compiling, building releases etc.
  • DECOR project form now allows editing the default namespace and add new ones
  • Template Associations with dataset items may now be done based on attributes; elements were already supported.
  • Template editor and viewer now support coding strength, read more in DECOR-rules
  • Template design with the primary Template-editor:
    • can now start from empty template instead of from a prototype,
    • can now add new items above top level item,
    • can now add attributes/elements other than the datatype supports (normally relevant for e.g. CDA extensions)
  • The example generation of the Template-editor is improved for templates without a single top level element,
  • Improved handling of datatype declarations like add/remove etc.
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