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Release 1.6


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Version 1.6

Date: 2015-10-01


Tool to create and maintain Data sets, Scenarios, Templates and Value Sets, cloud-based federated Building Block Repositories BBR for Templates and Value Sets with two Template Editors

New features

  • Data set element support for properties, synonyms and relationships
  • Transition to XForms Platform Orbeon 4.7 and XML-Database eXist-db 2.2, followed by many visual and performance improvements


  • Improved performance
  • Improved display of Data Set Element properties
  • Enhanced support for Data Set Element inheritence and de-inherits, visual indicator for inherited concepts
  • Enhanced Terminology Mapping features
  • Enhanced Scenario view, transaction figures
  • Template Editor fixes and enhancemants, also contributed by IHE Europe in conjunction with the collaboration with Gazelle ObjectChecker
  • Enhanced search in BBRs for Template Prototypes and Cache behavior
  • Improved behavior in calculation of usage of artefacts
  • Improved support for governance groups
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