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This info is relevant for ART-DECOR system administrators and people with a general interest in following the releases.

ART-DECOR is offered through various release channels. Your ART-DECOR installation looks at one release channel at a time, stable by default. As the name suggests you'll find stable versions of ART-DECOR packages.

For installations that need the latest there's the dev channel. The dashboard/configuration.xml (eXist-db standard method) determines the release channel or repo of your installation.

General versioning info for application package versioning: major number determines release. minor even number is stable release, minor odd number is prerelease, final number is patch level. After sufficient testing prerelease 1.1.x is promoted to stable 1.2.0 and 1.1.x becomes 1.3.0. Examples:

  • ART 1.0.5 is patch number 5 on stable ART 1.0
  • ART 1.1.23 is patch number 23 on prerelease ART 1.1

Most data or library packages follow their own numbering logic. For example the LOINC package follows the LOINC version is it based on. Higher version is newer, release channel determines stability, when version matches between channels, then contents match as well.

Stablechannel.png Stable Release Channel

Developmentchannel.png Development Release Channel

Change log

Please also refer to our development change log or our stable change log

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