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Who we are


Kai Heitmann

DECOR is developed by Dr Kai Heitmann who works as an healthcare IT consultant in Europe with the main focus on Germany and the Netherlands. He is mainly active in the fields of standardization in healthcare communication, especially the HL7 (Health Level Seven) family of standards like CDA and FHIR.

Gerrit Boers

Kai is an acknowledged expert in Healthcare Information Technology; he has advised the Ministries of Health of some European countries, as well as large trade associations in Germany and the Netherlands, on aspects of e-Health.

ART is developed by Gerrit Boers who is a health care consultant.

Both founders are also part of the ART-DECOR® Expert Group ADEG.


Since the original development of ART-DECOR, the following people have joined the ART-DECOR Expert Group:

Alexander Henket

Alexander Henket is a consultant at Nictiz with >15 years of experience in the creation and implementation of various standards and based in The Netherlands. He is an active member of the HL7 community both national and international.

Marc de Graauw

Marc de Graauw is an independent consultant who specializes in digital information exchange, health & ICT, information architecture, security, semantics & Web Services and based in The Netherlands.

Maarten Ligtvoet

Maarten Ligtvoet is an architect at Nictiz who specializes in network infrastructure, audits of health information systems, open standards, authentication & security and based in The Netherlands.

Dr. Frank Oemig

Dr Frank Oemig works for Deutsche Telekom Healthcare and Security Solutions GmbH and focuses on Conformance and Testing as well as on Java applications around ART-DECOR. He is based in Germany.

Mathias Aschhoff

Mathias Aschhoff works for The Competence Centre for Telematics in HealthCare (ZTG) and is a HL7 CDA and JAVA expert focusing on the intelligent diff strategies for ART-DECOR artefacts such as like value sets and templates. He is based in Germany.

ART-DECOR contributors

We are lucky to have many persons contributing to ART or DECOR to make it better or to request new features. This is a list of a few of them:

  • André Achterberg, AA ICT Consultancy
  • Mathias Aschhoff, ZTG GmbH, Bochum
  • Jos Baptist, Nictiz (Terminology)
  • Sebastian Bojanowski,
  • Abderrazek Boufahja (IHE Europe Development, Gazelle Team)
  • Oliver Egger, agile health data information systems
  • André Huisman, MedicalPHIT
  • Claartje Hülsman, Nictiz
  • Maarten Jansonius, Tieto
  • Tom de Jong, Nova Pro Consultancy
  • Hans Mekenkamp, MedicalPHIT
  • Tilman Mueller, Topicus
  • Eric Poiseau (IHE Europe)
  • Roman Radomski,
  • Stefan Sabutsch, ELGA
  • Tony Schaller, medshare GmbH
  • Tessa van Stijn, Nictiz
  • Michael Tan, Nictiz
  • Carsten Thiell, QiN
  • Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun, University of Applied Science Niederrhein (Terminology)
  • Arianne van de Wetering, Nictiz