ART-DECOR® Open Tools – even more sustainability for the Tool Suite

ART-DECOR® is an open-source tool suite that supports the creation and maintenance of HL7 templates, value sets, scenarios and data sets. The tool features cloud-based federated Building Block Repositories (BBR) for Templates and Value Sets. It supports comprehensive collaboration of team members within and between governance groups.
ART-DECOR® allows separation of concerns and different views on a single common documentation for different domain experts and multidisciplinary stakeholders of healthcare information exchange.
The kernel activities around the tool, concept, methodology, development and practice is done by the ART-DECOR Expert Group.

ART-DECOR® Open Tools

In October 2016, ART-DECOR® Open Tools has been established as an Entrepreneurial Company with limited liability (German Unternehmensgesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung). It handles commercial aspects of the ART-DECOR® tool suite development and thus complements the ART-DECOR® Expert Group that drives the development.


The main objectives of are…
  • …to handle business related to the servers hosted by regarding payment and maintenance 
  • …to offer and handle support plans for foreign hosted servers for organizations who want ART-DECOR server support for development or production environments, hosted on their servers
  • …to allow to accept donations
  • …to provide sustainability.

Is copyright affected?

We heard questions about a possible change of license, intellectual property rights or copyrighted material because of the ART-DECOR Open Tools company.
The ART-DECOR® tool suite remains open source as before, neither licensing nor intellectual property rights have changed by the formation of the ART-DECOR Open Tools company. All intellectual property rights of projects and included artefacts that are run on one of our servers is not touched and remains with the governance group / persons driving the project.

What about the logo colors?

We were asked about the background of the logo colors, as for the ART-DECOR® Tool the main color is orange.
In Sir Isaac Newton’s (1666) color wheel the light blue is the opposite of the orange we usually use (as the commercial branch is something like the opposite of the open source branch).
The dots come from the two dots of the trademarked ART-DECOR® logo. The dots are also used for the logo of the ART-DECOR Expert Group driving the development of the tool with the color orange.