ART-DECOR® 1.8 released!

The next ART-DECOR release – 1.8 – has been published. The Tool allows you to create and maintain Data sets, Scenarios, Templates and Value Sets; it features cloud-based federated Building Block Repositories BBR for Templates and Value Sets.
This is a summary of the recently added features and enhancements.
New features
  • Brand new transaction/representingTemplate editor with all the features of the previous one, but now integrated into the scenarios form and with significant performance boost. Now also sports shortcut buttons on concept items for 1..1 R 1..1 M etc.
  • Improved multi lingual name/description translations for project and concepts
  • Can now update the id of a template. Relevant when template was created outside of ART-DECOR and needs a specific id
  • New multi lingual LOINC integrated into terminology/value set editor
  • Implemented PDF generation of artefacts, flag in decor-parameters is switchCreateDocPDF1
  • Added functionality for “binding behavior” for schematron engine to allow testing instances against frozen dynamic or preserved dynamic value set bindings
  • Now supports preferred FHIR Systems URIs (HL7-FHIR-System-URI-Preferred) versus non-preferred FHIR System URIs (HL7-FHIR-System-URI)
  • Upon inheriting in a dataset from a repository, now saves terminology bindings and value set references in the project too as needed.
  • Project logo’s are now supported top right in DECOR centric forms. Need to have the logo in decor/project/reference/@logo, and physically in the prefix-logos/ collection next to the decor file
  • Reimplemented lock management on artifacts with better feedback when someone else has it. Scenarios/transactions/representingTemplates now have lock management too. Locks are now in /db/art-data hence they now survive ART updates
  • Better cruft prevention when things occasionally go south in saving a dataset
  • Performance updates in many areas
  • Reactivated the new-range indexes
  • All buttons have a new fresher look
  • ADRAM (ART-DECOR Release and Archiving Manager) and ADAWIB (ART-DECOR Automatic Wiki Interface Bot) now supports Governance Groups
  • ADA has multiple enhancements for the admin: a dashbaord, debug and validation tools and automatic backups. ADA specs can now be made using DECOR myCommunity tools. Read only printer-friendly view is a now vailable.