ART-DECOR Releases 2.x and Future Releases on 3.x

We have made many update since 2018 (see Releases) but did not continue to tell you about our plans for the next time and near future (aka roadmap). Sorry for that, but: we will update our roadmap very soon for the row of Release 2.x and also for our bigger plans regarding future releases 3.0 (to appear by the end of 2020 with lots of new features). Next larger landmarks will be determined during our 2020 January retreat meeting.

We also want to mention that ART-DECOR Open Tools, the commercial side of the tool suite, has moved to Berlin and will, become a full Limited (GmbH) company soon.

Thanks to all our customers for their patience, you will be surprised.

Happily, your ART-DECOR Expert Team and ART-DECOR Open Tools