Success with ART-DECOR in British Columbia – Pilot project uses ART-DECOR to capture and manage CDA Templates

Patrick E. Loyd, Co-Chair, HL7 Orders & Observations Work Group and Lorraine Constable, Co-Chair, HL7 Orders & Observations Work Group, Vice Chair Architecture Board, and Chair Standards Governance Board recently published the results of a pilot project conducted from January to March 2016 that uses ART-DECOR® to capture and manage CDA Templates. The Doctors of British Columbia, in conjunction with the BC Health Information Standards Standing Committee, recently embarked on that pilot project to research current repository tooling to manage HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®) artifacts, including both the base standard artifacts as well as the pan-Canadian and BC-specific resources.

The conclusions and recommendations were reported in detail. In short, the following high-level observations were made:
  • The tool is stable and ready for input. An upgrade to performance has been installed, lowering screen refresh timing issues
  • The tool includes all mandatory functionality needed for a repository
  • The tool met all BC criteria for use as a provincial repository including the ability for business analysts to interact directly with the tool
  • The tool can be implemented as a locally hosted solution
  • The team recommended to BC Health that the tool meets the functional requirements for use
The BC Health Information Standards Working Group is making plans for rollout of the CDA Provincial Repository and Resources by the end of this year (2016).
To read the whole article please download the HL7 Newsletter 9/2016.