ART-DECOR® 1.8 released!

ART-DECOR® 1.8 released! The next ART-DECOR release – 1.8 – has been published. The Tool allows you to create and maintain Data sets, Scenarios, Templates and Value Sets; it features cloud-based federated Building Block Repositories BBR for Templates and Value Sets. This is a summary of the recently added features and enhancements. New features Brand new transaction/representingTemplate editor […]

C-CDA 2.1 Template Library available in ART-DECOR

C-CDA 2.1 Template Library available in ART-DECOR What is C-CDA? The Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) is a US-realm specification. Meanwhile Release 2.1 has been published by HL7 International, with over 210 Templates and their associated value sets. Although it serves US centric requirements – with US specific code systems (like such as CPT-4 and RxNorm) and […]