ART-DECOR® as a FHIR® Questionnaire Management Tool

Marc de Graauw, consultancy in ICT / Healthcare, Amsterdam Sometimes there’s a match made in heaven. ART-DECOR transactions and FHIR Questionnaires are such a match. FHIR Questionnaires are the standard format to define various questionnaires used in healthcare to capture data from patients or professionals. Questionnaires aim on a more free-format data capture and storage than […]

ART-DECOR Releases 2.x and Future Releases on 3.x

ART-DECOR Releases 2.x and Future Releases on 3.x We have made many update since 2018 (see Releases) but did not continue to tell you about our plans for the next time and near future (aka roadmap). Sorry for that, but: we will update our roadmap very soon for the row of Release 2.x and also for […]

Intermediate ART-DECOR® Release 1.8.26 published​

Intermediate ART-DECOR® Release 1.8.26 published An intermediate ART-DECOR® release – 1.8.26 – has been published mid of August. Since the last update to 1.8 in April, a lot of new features and improvements have been implemented so the Expert Group felt, that an intermediate release – before ART-DECOR® 2.0 gets published by the end of […]