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HL7 V2.5 International (xml)

HL7 V2.5 International for use with XML serialization.

NOTE: This specification is a conversion to DECOR that includes Template ITS done by the ART-DECOR expert group for implementation purposes and has no official endorsement or involvement from HL7 International.

Usage Notes

  • This conversion has been compiled with utmost care, but the source of truth for HL7 V2 is the official version as published by HL7 International.
  • This conversion consists of messages, segments and datatypes. The specificatie does not contain distinct field definition templates, as those are contained in the segment templates. Reuse of fields in Z-segments may be a little more difficult but in turn it makes the specification much more readable
  • Included in this conversion:
    • Messages carrying the name from the event (message namesn are not available)
    • Segments carrying the segment name. All segment fields including name, item-ID, datatype, HL7 Table, conformance, cardinality
    • Datatypes carrying the datatype name. All datatype sub fields including name, description, datatype, HL7 Table, conformance, cardinality
  • Excluded from this conversion:
    • Maximum length of fields. Thid informatie was inconsistent in the base HL7 V2.5 and is considered a guideline to make site agreements for. To included it in this specification would only provide more work for specifiers/implementers.
    • Message, segment and field definitions/descriptions. This information is not contained in the v2.xml schemas and would need to be copied in by hand from the guidse chapters. This work was only done for the datatypes by copying chapter 2A
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Project Id 2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937.777.10
Project Last modified 2022-05-04 07:04:26
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HL7 International
Health Level Seven International
3300 Washtenaw Avenue
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Author 2012-2015
The ART-DECOR expert group
Author 2012-2015
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Versions / Releases
Date By Description Status Publication
2016-10-16 Alexander Henket
  • Added full datatype description texts
  • Added Dutch translation for the datatype main texts, i.e. not for individual (sub)subcomponents
2016-10-12 Alexander Henket
  • Added missing display names on templates where available (messages/segments/datatypes)
  • Added missing structure info on message level templates as relationship/@model
2015-07-18 Alexander Henket

This original demo4- project was assigned a proper OID for production use and extended with all HL7 V2.5 tables based on the FHIR V2 Tables XML source.xml. Caveats:

  • Empty tables were skipped.
  • There are several tables that have an expression for the code value instead of a real code. Examples include Table HL70093 and Table HL70485. These value sets are not suited for use as-is but serve example purpose. They are expected to be specialized by those who need them, e.g. in a conformance profile.
  • Every applicable field in the HL7 V2.5 schemas calls the Table as HL7nnnn, hence to keep the connection visibly clear no distinction is made between User Defined Tables and HL7 Tables when naming the DECOR value sets.
  • DECOR value sets require codeSystem OIDs for any code. V2 Tables do not have OIDs for codes. V2 Tables actually are both value set and codesystem. The codesystem in the V2 Tables is therefor assigned in the conversion based on the base-id for codesystems in this repository + table-id as a workaround. The codesystem in the DECOR value sets shall not surface in any message and only serves to satisfy the DECOR value set requirements.
2014-05-09 12:52:00 Alexander Henket
Initial release of the first complete ad4bbr (named hl725int-bbr) as conversion from the V2.xml schemas
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