ART-DECOR Template Editing for the Impatient: Temple

oday the ART-DECOR Expert Group officially released Temple, the second HL7 Template Editor as part of the ART-DECOR tool suite, after intense testing.

Snapshot of Temple, the XML based Template Editor of the ART-DECOR tool suite

In addition to the “regular” graphical Template Editor supporting tabular editing of templates, Temple offers an XML-like editor with extra support with auto-complete functionality for those who are familiar with HL7’s Templates DSTU (HL7 Templates Standard: Specification and Use of Reusable Information Constraint Templates, Release 1) and prefer to work with XML-editing rather than a graphical tool.

It allows direct manipulation of the underlying definition in XML. It supports content completion, inspection of referenced artefacts, and validation of the definition before saving.